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Welcome to the affiliate program guide. This is your affiliate home page and your new money center. Great bonuses, free contests, and best prizes.  You should bookmark it for quick reference. What is the next move? How do you get started? How do you start making money with the resources that you have? In fact, can you make money with an affiliate program?

Step 1: Claim a $100 Cash Welcome Bonus

April Pad will credit $100 cash to your affiliate account as a welcome bonus. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Register an affiliate account and confirm your subscription in your email
  2. Load any April Pad banner to your website or ad site
  3. Inform Pril Pad of the banner location
  4. April Pad will add your bonus.


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As an April Pad affiliate, the answer is yes, you can make money with our affiliate program. Getting started is rather easy and you can begin promoting your affiliation immediately.  There are two ways to do it.

If you have strong resources, including money, you can promote anything, anywhere and anytime.  However, this guide is made especially for affiliates with little or no known resources.  The first option is to use all your free tools to get going.

Here is a list of free resources that only require time to use. As a matter of fact, you can easily promote your affiliate link to thousands of users. Join the ones you like.

  1. Mailsy.net
  2. Free Advertising For You.com
  3. Cashadpop.com
  4. worldprofit.com
  5. Hercules List

Forums that you can use

  • Forumcoin.com
  • forum.digitalpoint.com

How to Use the Affiliate Creative at April Pad

Step 2: Banners

You can choose from existing banners that are available in your affiliate console. If you require a special banner, feel free to request it.

affiliate program

Step 3: Text Ads

You will find an affiliate link that is unique to you. You can use it to link to any text ad that you desire to place.

Step 4: Social Media and Email

Share the good news with your family, friends, and followers. They can write and win $500 each month.  Anyone can enter and no special skills are needed.  They can receive your free promos (See Below). Plus they only need to write 350 words!

Important: How Do You Earn Money?

Commissions:  This is the standard way of making money with any affiliate program. A[ril Pad offers a 25% commission on membership sales

What Else Can You Earn? As an affiliate of the program you can receive the following perks

  1. $100 welcome bonus (Only in November). You must place a banner on your website or share a social media post with over 1,000 followers.
  2. Give Away Free Credits: Offer five free entrants (valid for one contest) to your referrals. NB: Conditions may apply.
  3. Free Contest Entry: You can earn free entry by sharing on social media accounts. Please consult the contest guide.

Please contact us with any concerns or recommendations.

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