How to Submit Your Contest Article

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Submitting contest articles is easy. It is like using your own blog, or Microsoft Word. April Pad has made the process simple and everyone can do it. No new technical skills are necessary. 

You can choose to enter one of two monthly contests

  1. Monthly Themed Contest: These contests focus on a single country each month and all articles must be related to it somehow. Articles must begin with Who, What, or How.
  2. General Writing Contest: This contest covers a topic of your choice. It does not address the theme of that month. These articles do not qualify for the main prize of $500. However, they may win the weekly or bi-weekly prizes.

Free Writing Contest Prizes

The writing contest offers ongoing rewards to all players. Writers can win the following prizes

  • Weekly Best Article $7
  • Bi-Weekly Featured Article $35
  • Monthly Contest Winner $500

Contest Language

Please note that we do ask that you be able to write in a standard English set of any of these countries: US, US, CAN, AUS, SA, NZ,  or Caribbean.

There are three easy steps.

  1. Qualify for the contest by going premium, buying credits or just earning on our site.
  2. Choose a topic, log in to your account, and write at least 350 
  3. Submit your article by clicking the Publish button.

How to Qualify for April Pad’s Writing Contests

Anyone 18 years or older may participate in our monthly writing contests. There are no obligations to upgrade to a premium account. This allows our users to enter completely free.

Free members may earn points for completing simple tasks on our platform.

  • Commenting on written posts (2 credits each)
  • Referring friends (30 credits each)
  • Contributing blog posts (30 credits each)
  • Social Media shares (3 credits per 100 followers)

Premium members may buy monthly credits or a lifetime premium membership.


Writing Your  Contest Article

When you decide to create your article, make sure that it focuses on facts that answer who, what, or how.  You should have credible sources to support the information that appears in your story.

Likewise, we only publish articles that fit within the categories listed below. Most topics will easily fit within one of them, as the writing guide will show.

  1. Fashion
  2. Gaming
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Sports
  5. Health
  6. Business
  7. Science

Our articles focus on a monthly theme which is usually a country, such as India.  We encourage writers to focus on culture, history, tradition, entertainment, people, etc. There is so much to choose from.

Even though there is such a vast theme, writers may select similar topics. Should this happen the first to submit an article is awarded the entrant.

Not to overstate it, but be sure to use our stylesheet when submitting your article. All articles are evaluated based on how well they complied with the style sheet.






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