Announcing November’s Writing Contest Winner

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November’s writing contest focused on world flags, pitting some of the best writers to create pieces on the national flags of different countries. The winner of last month’s writing contest is Darwin Thwaithe who covered the Colombian National Flag. The winner was selected from 51 articles submitted during December.

During the monthly writing contest, a total of six winners are chosen and paid cash rewards ranging from $7 to $35. These rewards include

  • Weekly $7 Cash Prize: Each week April Pad selects the best article submitted and the winner is sent $7 cash via PayPal. A total of 4 winners are selected each month.
  • Featured Article $35 Cash Prize: Every 15 days, one article is featured in the April Pad network. The winner is paid a prize of $35. Winners are selected on the 15th and 30th of each month.
  • Additional Articles: Writers who desire to submit more than one article are paid a compensation of $0.08 per word. Additional articles may be on any theme related to the central of that month, as long as the title of the post begins with Who, What, or How.

About November’s Writing Contest Winner

November's writing contest winner

Darwin Thwaithe, the winner of the November writing contest, was born on May 15, 1999, in Heredia, Costa Rica. He is a dual citizen of the United States being born to American parents. He started writing a little more than a year ago when one of his university tutors encouraged him to enter a local writing contest. Although he did not win, he continued writing short stories.

Thwaite has written more than one article for April Pad and has been rewarded with prior prizes. He was happy about winning the contest for his piece Who Created the Colombian National Flag. He told the Pad that he was always hoping to win an award for his writing,

”I  love writing but have never written a factual piece or any form of non-fiction. Just fiction and mostly young adult romance. I always believed I would win someday. I sought of looked forward to it. I told my parents about it and (they) were pretty happy, were sharing it all over Whatsapp and Twitter…”



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