Who Created the Colombian National Flag

National flag of Colombia
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On July 20, 1810, Colombia became an independent nation flying its own flag for the first time. The national flag consists of three colors arranged in horizontal stripes – yellow, blue, and red. However, the flag that flies the liberty of the Colombians was created by a renowned Venezuelan general named Francisco de Miranda.

The national flag of Colombia shares a similar design with two other South American countries, namely Bolivia and Venezuela. All showcase the tricolor array of yellow, blue, and red that Miranda used in 1801 when he created the Venezuelan national flag.

What Do the Colors in the National Flag of Colombia Mean?

National flag of Co;ombia

Notably, there is a unique arrangement of the flag’s colors with the yellow stripe being the largest and almost twice the blue and the red. It makes up half of the standard flag space. However, Miranda had at least two known sources of inspiration for the colors of these flags.

  • Yellow: The first color and largest part of the flag, portrays the richness of the Colombian land, the country’s wealth, and the affluence of its resources.
  • Blue: Colombia shares the shore of two great oceans and the Caribbean Sea. This reflects the vast oceans that border it. It also shows the veracity of the people and the common history that binds them.
  • Red: There is no country that has not won its freedom by the relentless battles of its founding fathers. Red symbolizes the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of those who fought for Colombia’s liberty.

Another interesting thing to note about Colombia is the importance of its National Flag Day.  The Flag Day in Colombia is commemorated on August 7. For these people, the pride of the national flag celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Boyacá.

Colombia’s freedom once hinged on this battle. It paved the way for the nation’s independence from Spain. That is why on Flag Day, Colombians at home and abroad, engage in patriotic activities, such as flag-raising ceremonies, folklore parades, cultural showcases, and educational missions.

On this day the tricolor is much more than just a flag. It becomes the heartbeat of a people who continue to strive for their freedom, honor, and future.



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