March Free Writing Contest – World’s Hidden People

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A new month, March, and a new, free writing contest. This month, April Pad will focus on the world’s hidden people. There are so many great, invisible heroes saving the day without ever receiving the glory. Maybe it is that silent angel who moved the world just to help someone make it through the night.

The world is a huge place with over 195 countries populated by more than 8 billion people making it an ideal place to go unnoticed.  How do we find them? Where do they hang out? If we do find them, will they want their stories told?

March Free Writing Contest Theme: World’s Hidden People

World's Hidden People

This March, let the free writing contest be your floodlight as you craft your hero’s story.  Tell us about their unwavering faith as they firmly believed in you. Show us how they strove with that last ounce of courage. Unveil the world’s hidden people to us.

Who are the World’s Hidden People?

These are not necessarily the normal day-to-day heroes who always show up on time to save the day.  Yet, they just might be. However, the world’s hidden people do not even know that they are saving you. They just got it right and did it on time to bring the sunlight out again. Thus, they can be family, teachers, friends, or even your biggest enemy.

Notably, they all have three things in common. So when you write your story, make sure that it fits nicely into the guidelines.

  1. They went beyond their duty or responsibility. It is not the same if you are being paid to put out the flames. However, the firefighter off duty who missed the last bus home just to rescue an old lady trapped in the fire is a hero.
  2. They had no secondary or hidden aspirations. Many people have a hidden agenda for doing things. They rescue the old lady to grab a front page spot in the local newspaper or TV headlines.  Nonetheless, there are pure angels out there. That neighbor who secretly donated a new house to the old lady is a perfect candidate.
  3. They live far from the glory.  Nothing destroys a hero like his own accolades. The world’s hidden people are ready to do it again, even if they don’t get a thank-you note. No selfies on social media, no testimonies at the church rally, and no tax deduction filings.

If your heroes meet these criteria, we want to know about them. See their faces, learn their stories, and whisper our thanks for their heroism.  This March is yours, tell us about your world’s hidden people. Write and win.



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