February Writing Contest – Beautiful World

beautiful world
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The world is indeed a beautiful place and during February, we are inviting you to show us just how amazing your world is. February writing contest will visit some of the most exotic spots on planet Earth, guided by April Pad writers.  Share your favorite beach, river, mountain, valley, cave, lake, and your special place as we promote the theme: Beautiful World.

This month, April Pad wants you to go beyond tourism and find beauty in your world. Paint the green lush, the mountain dew, or the foaming seiche with words.  We want to find heritage sites, the ‘Gravity Hills’ that are worth exploring,  or the ‘Lovers Leap’ of real life

Writing Contest Theme: Beautiful World

The world is a large place with over 193 recognized countries located on seven continents, three oceans, and uncountable seas. Our world is full of beautiful places, creatures, and elements that fill our hearts with their wonders. Maybe it’s a huge forest where animals and plants thrive unmolested in their natural habitat, an extremely high mountain that seems to touch the sky.

Send us your train rides, your unforgettable campfire, or just the pond in the woods – tell us about them and earn extra money.

beautiful world

There is so much to write about these places and their history, the people they touched,  -their impact on culture, lifestyle, fashion, technology, etc. Writers can find unlimited resources online that will help them craft valuable pieces. These will be added to February’s insight into the world we call home.

In addition, there are no limitations on the type of article you may write. However, the content must be factual.  The article must bring the reader to April Pad on a quest for knowledge. 

Remember, the world will be watching and you will become their guide. Show them through the best photos. Engage your audience with the best stories. Write and win.

Choosing Your Topics

April Pad has an in-depth guide on how to choose a topic for your article. All topics must begin with one of the three news words: How, Who, or What plus the unique theme-related idea. 

New! Adding Two New Categories: Writers can now add pieces that begin with “Why” and ‘When” Here is an example of each.

  • Who founded the Jamaican National Flag?
  • What do the colors in the flag of Jamaica represent?
  • How does the United States incorporate 52 states in one flag?
  • When was the United Nations formed?
  • Why do birds fly south?

It is always recommended to use our writing guide if you hope to win. If you have not yet registered for the contest, please do so now. Once registered you will find the writing guide in your welcome email.

Contest Prizes – Win $500 Every Month

The contest will award the winning writer $500 cash. Funds are payable via Paypal. Please note that free accounts can only win a maximum of 25% of the main prize.  Besides the premium prize, there are other weekly prizes to be won

  • Best Article ($7): Each week one article will be selected for its exceptional features and awarded a cash prize of $7.
  • Featured Article ($35): Twice per month April Pad will select a unique article that meets most or all of the Style Sheet requirements. The article will become featured and the writer awarded $35.
  • New! Pad Coins: Members receive points for writing, commenting, sharing, and logging on to the site. Pad Coins can be redeemed and used to purchase items in the Pad Store (Going Live January 15).
  • Paid Additional Article: Writers who desire to submit a second article will earn up to $0.08 per word. 

You can access the full prize with one of the following plans:

  1. Premium Lifetime Membership $80.  (Setup Premium Account)
  2. Paid Credit Entrance $8 (Valid only for the current month) or $21 for three months. Buy Credits now.

How to Enter the Writing Contest

Participation in our contest can be Free or Premium.

Free Membership: Free members will be able to enter the first contest completely free. Additional contests require free members to earn 30 credits by performing small tasks on the platform. These include:

  • Commenting on written posts (2 credits each)
  • Referring friends (30 credits)
  • Contributing blog posts (30 credits)
  • Social Media shares (3 credits per 100 followers)

Important: If you use referral links or social media, please create an affiliate account. You will be able to submit articles as well.

All members may proceed to submit their articles.  Please read the submission guidelines and style sheet.

Contest FAQ

You will find answers to our monthly writing contest questions on our Contest FAQ page.





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    1. Welcome to April Pad. An email was sent to you with all the details. Please login and click on the “New Post” button in your dashboard and it will open the writing prompt. After completing your article please click on the ” Submit for Review” button and we will take it from there. An editor will review your submission and contacy you if it needs revisions. If it meets all criteria, it will be published and your account credited 30 Pad Coins for your article.

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