Why Spur Tree Hill, Jamaica – Is Dangerously Beautiful?

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Jamaica is a famous tourist attraction lying in the Caribbean Sea and is known for its natural beauty and endless sunshine. One of the most intriguing spots of this island is Spur Tree, home to one of the world’s largest curves and sharpest declines.  Both of these features make it both dangerous and beautiful.

Rising more than 2,000 feet above sea level, Spur Tree Hill has become one of the most spectacular attractions for visitors. The hill hosts one of the main roads that twists its way up the Don Figueroa Mountains in Manchester. Creating an open view of the St. Elizabeth lowlands, the ravines, the Santa Cruz Mountain, and the sea.

The Beauty and Danger of Spur Tree Hill

spur tree hill

Spur Tree Hill is said to be as dangerous as it is beautiful given the narrowness of the road which is bordered by solid mountain rocks on one side. The other side of the road, lined with the most breathtaking view, is bordered by a ridge of about 1,665 meters.  A fall or an accident on either side will surely leave uncountable damage.

However, reality has stored very few mishaps on this winding road, as its beauty and mystery tend to enhance slow driving and hardly any speeding. Some stories accredit an old banshee and her human lover for the name of Spur Tree Hill. Unable to win approval for her human into the magical world, she attacked the lord of the fairies who converted her into a mythical “Spur Tree’.

Another commonly held story attributes the hill’s name to the white flower or spurs blown from the huge cotton trees common in that region. These trees add to the scenery and the view seen from any point of the hill, forming lines and horizons that paint the mountain blue.

Notably, there are many restaurants and shops lining the way where you get better shots and immerse peacefully in the mystery of this hill. Looking down from your stop you should be able to see the complete curve in the form of a gigantic ‘U’. Or, if you prefer, just sit back and look at the endless blue sea.





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