How Maderkin Breg Showcases Croatia’s Beautiful World

Maderkin Breg
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The city of Maderkin Breg is located in Medimurje County, less than 110 kilometers from Zagreb. An hour and a half drive away, the city is part of the Stampar wine estate. Here one has the opportunity to see part of the beautiful world of Croatia.

Meimurje is located on the northern shore of Croatia and was once part of Hungary. The folklore of its people has ancestry roots in the Netherlands which explains the mostly Hungarian cuisine and customs in the city. The drive along this countryside intertwines with other small towns.

Driving to Maderkin Breg – Sightseeing in Croatia’s Beautiful World

Maderkin Breg

There are many places to see on Zagreb’s northern highway. One of the most popular of which is located just about an hour from Zagreb. Akovec is a good intermediate stop on your way to Maderkin Breg. You can find Hungarian food, bathrooms, and gasoline for your car here.

Another breathtaking drive, about half an hour later, brings us to Maderkin Breg, Medimurje’s second-highest point. As the hill rises, its breathtaking view stretches above four countries: Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, and Slovakia. It is situated about 341 meters above sea level, just 3 meters lower than the highest point of Meimurje.

There was recently a new lookout tower built on Maderkin Breg. The tower stands 28 meters and was built with renewable materials such as laminated wood. The tower allows you to see all of the northern Croatian counties, the hills of Meimurje, and the vineyards of the region below

Notably, wine is one of the staples of this city, where vineyards cover the hillsides with grapes. Maderkin Breg lies in the middle of a wine estate called Stampar.

In 1913, Iván Grabar and Andra Novak founded the winery, which was taken over by Franjo Tampar in 1963. The winery and the estate are ideally located at the top of the hill.

Visitors can walk through the vineyards, take pictures of the scenery, camp, or try out the awesome Hungarian cuisine. The Stampers will also be happy to share their story and give tours of the estate.

In 2000, Stampar became a key partner of the Medmujre County wine festival “Urbanovo”. Guides insist that “you can’t leave home without a souvenir in your bag, and you can’t miss a Stampar wine tasting on the mountain”.



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