Why the Eiffel Tower Is France Iron Lady?

Eiffel Tower
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There is no way to consider our beautiful world without mentioning The Eiffel Tower, the French Iron Lady. Built in 1889, the tower represents a cornerstone of France and a symbol of its people. Just as Margaret Thatcher, was key to modern Britain, so is this monument to Paris.

Notably. the Eiffel Tower impacts three important facets of the French people. Each contributes to its culture, power, and livelihood. These are

  1. The French History
  2. The economy
  3. The culture

How the Eiffel Tower Impacts France

Eiffel Tower

One of the most celebrated moments in France’s history is the French Revolution.  Led by Napoleon Bonaparte, the revolution crafted a unique place on the pages of world history.  To commemorate this important event, a special world fair was hosted in Champ de Mars, Paris, France.

This World’s Fair was held in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower was built as the centerpiece of the exhibition held in 1889. This has made the monument sinominous to the revolution.

Another important impact of the “La dame de fer” (French ‘Iron Lady’) is visible in its contribution to the French economy. Named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower has become one of the world’s top-visited tourist destinations and the most visited monument in the world. In 2015, more than 6.9 million visitors climbed the structure, and in 2022, 5.8 million tourists toured the center.

In addition, the construction has won a place in international culture. Once considered the world’s highest building, the Eiffel Tower became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1991 The organization renamed the tower  “Paris, Banks of the Seine” for its official listing purposes.

Although it is not the highest building in the world,  the tower remains the highest observation deck throughout the European Union.  At its highest point, the monument boasts 276 m (906 ft). Mathematicians and physicists are still awed by the unique design of the tower whose builder once compared it with the Pyramids of Egypt.

The Eiffel Tower is more than just an eight-story wrought-iron structure.  To the French, it is their Iron Lady that lends economic boost, cultural heritage, and a celebration of its revolution.




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