December Writing Contest – World Festive Seasons

December writing contest
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April Pad has rolled out the December writing contest and you are invited to participate. Writers can submit new articles under the theme: World Festive Seasons. This month, writers will explore the traditions and cultures of different countries as they celebrate their major holidays.

Notably, December is one of the months that is celebrated worldwide as a holiday season.  Most countries honor the workforce with obligatory vacations many of which are related to religion or local traditions. Whatever may be the central reason, it is a time of great festivity celebrated globally.

December Writing Contest Is Now Open

December writing contest

The writing contest for December brings new features to the table. These adjustments are rather positive and will be most welcomed by contest writers.  We encourage contestants to make every effort to participate in this special edition of the contest.

We exhort new writers to follow our style sheet and writing guide. This will give you a better chance at winning one of our nine prizes for this month. You are always welcome to reach out to our editing team if you require any special assistance in creating your article.

Here is a summary of what has changed in December.

  1. Writers may submit multiple entries: This month will allow writers to submit up to three articles to the writing competition.  Articles must be of at least 350 words, must begin with who, how, or what, and should address the central theme.
  2. Higher contest prize: December will reward writers twice the prize value. Wherein the standard main prize is $500, the winner this month will receive $1,000.  Only one winner is selected each month. Free writers will win $350.
  3. Writing contest weekly and bi-weekly winners: The contest will reward the standard weekly winner, a bi-weekly winner, and the writer of the year title. The prizes will go to the writer who has won the most awards during the year.

In addition, writers will get a chance to have their articles reviewed by an award-winning writer who will be our guest this month. More details will be provided in the newsletter. All writers who desire to participate should make every effort to update their portfolios in the April Pad dashboard.

Writing Contest Entry Fees

All entry fees for the December special writing contest will remain the same. Entry fees are as follows:

  • Free
  • Premium credits $7/$8 subscription or single month purchase
  • Lifetime Premium $80

Writers may begin submissions today December 2, 2023.





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