What Is the National Flower of India?

national flower of India
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Every country has its own national symbols and emblems, and so does India. What is the national flower of India? Where is it found and what special significance does it have to its people and traditions?

The national flower of India is the Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) which is believed to be a sacred plant by the people. Lotus is a water lily that grows only in shallow waters. Unlike other water lilies, the Lotus only flowers in pink and white.

Importance of the National Flower of India

The Lotus water lily was chosen by the founding fathers of India as its national flower.  This reflects the intrinsic value of the plant in the diversity of India’s population. A single flower has been embraced by all people whether the reason is religious, cultural, or scientific.

National flower of India

Religious:  Lotus plays an integral part in Indian religious beliefs. For example, the Hindu religion showcases the goddess Saraswathi, the muse of learning, sitting on a lotus flower. In Buddhism the colors of the flower mean everything. For example, the white represents the purity of mind and spirit.

Cultural: The national flower means more than just religion. It lines the fabric of the Indian culture. Lotus is portrayed as the epitome of divinity, knowledge, and fertility. Indians are expected to rise above the challenges of life, just as the plant is able to produce the most beautiful flower in murky waters.

According to Thomas Kintaert, “There is hardly any symbolism in Indian poetry, sculpture, and painting more vast than that relating to the lotus flower and other parts of the plant.” ( Cultural Significance of the Indian Lotus Leaf)

Science: There is much more to the water lily than meets the eye. Or, at least to Indian health and cuisine where the national flower contributes to daily lives.  Lotus is used in three main ways

  • The seeds are used in the treatment of illnesses related to the spleen, heart ailments, and kidneys.
  • The seeds of the Lotus can be eaten.
  • The leaf and leaf stalk are served as vegetables in Indian cuisine.
  • The tubers of the Lotus taste like sweet potatoes and are used in similar ways.

The national flower of India reflects the intrinsic value of its people.



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