Bungie Launches Destiny 2 in Update 7.3.6

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Game development studio Bungie has announced the imminent release of the Destiny 2 Update 7.3.6. The new two-month content update is set to launch this April 9 and will become available to all players. Although there is high anticipation, the studio has exerted notable effort in preparing players for the release.

According to a post on the company’s community website,  Bungie will deliver three livestreams.  These were expected to be accompanied by information from the developers and live previews. Different parts of the update have so far followed the date schedule.

Players and Critics Respond to Bungie’s Livestreams 


On Tuesday, March 19, the first presentation went live providing game insights, new data details, and live preview. This was followed by the second livestream on March 26 that so far has brought impressive comments from critics. One writer from Sportskeeda noted that ‘’many players are still excited about everything shown in the second stream as Bungie turned back time for veterans.’’

Notably, the final installment will stream on April 2 at 10:00 a.m. PT. Players who can watch one of these sixty-minute streamings will earn the Those Held Dear emblem. However, players who manage to view all three live streams (estimated 3 hours), will be rewarded the Echo Diamond emblem.

In addition, the Reddit thread for Destiny 2 has flared up with excitement and anticipation. Several posters shared their desired characters that they hope to see in Update 7.3.6. One member even posted a long, bulleted point list of all the desired changes that have been confirmed by Bungie, so far.

In related news, Bungie Studio continues to place value on player feedback. According to PC Gamer, the developer has shortened a plan ‘’to slowly roll out the second batch of reprised ‘Brave Weapons.’ The studio posted on its X page that players would now be able to redeem all the new points within the first 30 days of Into The Light.

Finally, as Destiny 2 closes its Season of the Wish, it may be a perfect moment for new players to purchase Exotics by paying a visit to Xur. He will only be at the Tower Hangar for a few days more. Players should also remember to link their Twitch account with Destiny 2 if they desire to earn emblems.

As players step Into The Light this April 9, they do so knowing that soon they will finally receive Destiny 2: The Final Shape.



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