How to Use Anchor Texts

Anchor Texts
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Have you ever wondered why people click on links? Is there some sort of magic to making people click on the hyperlinks inserted in messages and articles? Actually, there is a wizard called anchor text, and you can use him to decorate all page references in your content.

As a matter of fact, you can easily create bewitching links that will not only make users click, but have them share your references to friends and relatives. When properly used, not even Google can escape its lure, and will improve your readability score.

Okay, let’s explain how to use anchor text, but first define who the little wizard is.

What Are Anchor Texts?

Anchor texts are keywords or phrases that we use to describe an inserted link in our content. As you write, you will need to share important information with your readers. However, your readers will ask questions such as:

  • Who told you that?
  • Is that all there is to it?
  • Interesting, where can I learn more?

Yet, you can’t fit everything into one article. So, to provide support for your information, or help the user find out more about the topic, you insert hyperlinks.

Suddenly, you notice that ‘’ makes your writing unpresentable, and even confusing. So, you consult the little wizard, anchor text, and he modifies the link with beautiful words.

Wow! You are blown out of your mind. The document looks better, tells the reader what the link is about, and gains one Google (SEO) point.

Types of Anchor Texts

So, what can anchor text really do? How do you wheel this link decorating wand? Just before you start zapping, take a look at the accepted usage of the link potion.

There are two general types of hyperlinks that writers use to edify a document. Once you start practicing you will see how your readership increases and your search engine rankings improve.


Anchor Texts

Resource Anchor Texts: These are helpful references that you choose to include in your content. They help the user find additional information, should they so desire. These links should form a natural part of the content or be related in some way that can edify the content.

You can add links from your blog (Internal Links) or from credible third-party pages (External Links).

You can trap the anchor text wizard in a writing contest. (Linked to the article October Writing Contest)

Source Links: These are obligated hyperlinks that identify your reference or source. These are essential in lending credibility to declarations that you make. These include stats, dates, statements, news, quotes, etc.

Scientists have found huge water wells on the Moon (Linked to the article on USA Today The Moon’s Hidden Water Wells)

Stop! Lower that wand, you still need to read more. Anchor texts are used to modify resource or source links so that users can easily understand them. There are many different types of anchor texts but here are the top five. These will help you do everything from marketing to SEO.

Top Five Most Common  Usage of Anchor Texts

Branded Anchor Text
You guessed correctly. These anchor text are designed to promote brand awareness and is a marketing strategy. The link is replaced by the brand name. Companies advertise the name of their brands to make them part of household names

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Search with Google.

Keywords or Keyphrases
In the SEO world keyword is king. You will increase page relevance when you use keywords to define your links. However, these keywords or phrases must match the content of the page that they linking to.

SEOs use anchor texts to link keywords to special pages on their website and improve internal linking value.

Tip: Link only to content similar to the keyword. For example, try not to link the keyword free writing contest to a page with primary keyword banking.

Brand Plus Keyword
Another common way to advertise your brand using anchor texts is by adding a keyword to your brand.  Brand + keyword. This means associating needed products or demand keywords or phrases with your business.

Google Docs. CNN News. HBO TV.

Using anchor texts in your articles can improve your brand awareness and SEO prowess.




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