How April Pad Works

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Tell us what you know and win $500.  It is that simple. So, if you are a newbie then this is the perfect place to start. We welcome new writers and help them to write better.  Now, tell us what you know and earn from your knowledge.

What is April Pad All About?

April Pad is a writing contest platform focussing on factual articles.  Writers can blog about their favorite theme in a conversational and friendly manner (tone). That’s exactly what the site aims to achieve, easy yet factual tidbits.

You can choose to earn money in one of two ways:

  • Write and win weekly and bi-weekly cash prizes: Write about what you love and get paid to do so.  Your article can win one of four weekly cash prizes or one of two bi-weekly cash prizes. These are paid every Tuesday for the previous week
  • Enter our themed contest: Each month April Pad will choose a new country to write about. You do not need to visit the country, just read and write about it. This is our premium prize and you are encouraged to enter.
  • Get paid for additional articles: Premium writers may submit additional articles each month and get paid up $0.08 per word. Articles are paid weekly on Tuesdays.

The good news is that anyone can enter our contests and anyone can win. Here are the primary reasons you should get started immediately.

  1. Only 350 words: The minimum length of your entry is 350 words.
  2. Coaching: New writers will receive help with their articles
  3. Free or Premium: You can enter the contest completely free, or premium.  You can start free and upgrade later, or if you are ready to win bigger prizes, go Premium.
  4. Best Referral Program: Refer your friends and earn $30 plus 30% of their premium upgrades. Once you have established your referral or affiliate account, April Pad will credit your account $30.  Even if you have not sent any referrals yet.
  5. Unlimited Entries: Once you are a member of the platform, you can enter every month. There are no limits to the number of times you can enter..

What Are the Contest Prizes on April Pad

April Pad awards your writing efforts. Writers can win one of 7 monthly cash prizes. These prizes are available to all writers, please read the FAQ for more details.

  • Four Weekly Best Article Prizes: Winners will receive $7 cash each
  • Two Featured Article Prizes: Paid to the best topical article every 15 days.  Winners earn $35 cash each
  • One monthly themed prize paid to the best-themed winner. Winners earn $500 cash each month.



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