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The Internet is the largest marketplace in the world and every blog or website is a store. Just how is your blog holding up and what can you do to improve it? Get a free blog review and expert recommendation on your website.

Firstly, what is a blog review and why do you need it? April Pad blog review is an evaluation of your website as it relates to holding its store space. An expert will visit your blog and write a short report about it. It will tell the world what you do, and how they can benefit from visiting your website.

As expected it will highlight the product or service you offer along with an objective critique. That means people will get to your website because you have piqued their interest. That’s quality traffic.

Blog Reviews with SEO, Content, and Usability

Website content

The next feature is a free SEO evaluation based on basic optimization standards. Most bloggers do not make it to top SERPs because of poor SEO practices. This is where the review begins to help the blogger. The goal is to achieve better rankings.

Even though the service is completely free, optimization reviews can be costly even when using a free app. Some bloggers are too busy to investigate or are just too excited with their blogging. The recommendations can come in handy and may increase organic traffic.

Another important aspect of the free blog review is your website content. The world knows that your blog is a store but without content, it will be difficult to find. Content sells blogs.  Your visitors want information in an organized way.

In addition, some websites may have great content but it is so hard to read or follow.  It is vital to organize your blog and its content so that users can easily navigate your pages. After all, these users came to read, learn, and share.

Truth is, if you can get two of the three (read, learn, share), you have won a new user and follower to your site. Having a free blog review is worth your time and ours.

How to Submit a Blog Review Request

To get a review of your blog including SEO evaluation, complete the Please Review My Blog form below. A 300-word review of your website will be published on April Pad within 15 days.

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