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Welcome to April Pad free writing contest new outlines for prizes and writing format. Write and win cash prizes for short pieces about factual themes that are unique to the web.

Each month will feature a new theme addressing the world we live in and the components that interact with us. From the silent turtle to the unbeatable speeding hare, craft stories that impress our audience and our panel of judges will reward you.

Notably, there are no limits to the number of entries you may have.  Write as often as you wish, sending one entry for each theme. See more details below under the list of themes.

New Prizes for the Free Writing Contest

April Pad appreciates your efforts and knows that only one writer will win the main prize. to this end, we have increased our weekly and bi-weekly prize value.  Prizes are now paid as follows:

  1. Weekly Best Article: Four weekly cash prizes of $10 each will go to the Best article winner. These articles are still qualified for the grand prize.
  2. Bi-Weekly Featured Article: April Pad will select prizes for two featured articles each month. The article must meet at least 80% of the stylesheet to qualify. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $40.
  3. The Grand Prize: The new grand prize is worth $1,000 cash each month. Free members can win a maximum of $250, while premium members will win the full value. The contest is completely fair and is awarded to the best article based on the stylesheet sent weekly in the April Pad Newsletter.

Upcoming Themes for the Free Writing Contest

Now, you can always refer to this link for new updates and added themes. Every three months, there will be new additions to the topics below. You may want to bookmark this page.

May Writing Contest Theme – Stars and Planets

writing contest

The Stars and Planets theme takes us adrift to the skies and explains everything we see when we gaze at the stars at night. Write your story about any of the planets in our solar system; tell us about the sun and its mysteries; take us to the moon, to a constellation, or a trip into the Milky Way.

Another cool idea is to explore the moons of other planets, such as Jupiter, and show us things we never knew. Dazzle us with news of gigantic black holes or mysterious comets and asteroids. Whatever is your story, it’s time to write and win.

The contest opens on April 22 and will close on May 31, 2024.

June Writing Contest Theme – Favorite Movie Stars

writing contest

Whether it’s the gunslinging action star or the magical fantasy adventure icon, we all have a Favorite Movie Star. They fill our screen and make us laugh or cry – or simply shoot us out of boredom.  However they fit into your vision, these are the stars we give our two thumbs up even when they wheel out a box office bomb.

Now it’s your turn to show off all you know about these mighty figures – where are they from, how did they get there, what did they win, etc. No tidbit is off the grid. Church, politics, hobbies, children, sports – everything is on the table.

However, we do not accept negative criticism that will impact the life of the actor. There is sufficient good news to share. So if you want to unleash your gut feelings about an artist, try Rotten Tomatoes.

That said, let’s have a good contest as usual, write and win. The contest will open on June 1 and close on June 30, 2024.




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  1. I am thrilled to see the contest re-opened. I am looking forward to seeing what the others will show this time. I just sent you a piece on Mars.

  2. Well, here is my article, and it is super interesting. Readers will fy know who discovered Neptune. I just updated my payment data for the grand prize.

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