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Favorite Movie Star
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June is all about the big screen, from Hollywood to Bollywood, let the show begin. This month the new free writing contest focuses on your favorite movie star. This is your moment to tell us why they make you laugh or cry, or just how they keep you glued to your screen.

However, movie stars do more than just impact us with their amazing acting power. Impressively, these artists can become role models, father figures, and sometimes, even political leaders. Whatever place these actors hold in your life, we’d love to hear about it.

One popular actor may share a success story similar to yours, while another may defend ideals and values that you hold dear. Sometimes, it can be tricky to decide just who is the big favorite of all time. Never mind, here is a small guide to help you choose your favorite actor for this free writing contest.

How to Choose Your Favorite Movie Star for the Free Writing Contest

favorite movie star

Life is full of strange uniqueness. Most people just love an actor that may not even be a great actor. Yet, we like them beyond the world, One Reddit writer commented on a thread What criteria do you use to choose to pick your favorite “movie star” actor?, she said:

“And for me, a “movie star” doesn’t have to be the best actor (and often they aren’t), but they’re someone who brings an energy no one else brings. For example, Keanu is Keanu. He has an undefinable Keanu energy”

Another interesting way of selecting a favorite star may be based on how the actor takes on the role and becomes that personality. You do not feel that anyone can do that role. This is often seen in movies with sequels or a franchise.

A good example is the Terminator series with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  People tend to feel comfortable with a terminator machine unless the role is being played by him. Most studios have learned this lesson well, retiring former actors by creating new eras or timelines for their series.

Choosing Your Favorite Actor for This Writing Contest

However, some writers have created formulae for selecting favorite movie stars. Yet, we do not feel that you should leave your heart out of these articles. Therefore when you write about your favorite movie star, please provide the following details:

  1. History: Briefly tell us where your artist was born, parents, family, education, or anything else about their history that you find noteworthy.
  2.  Beginning:  This is one of the most important facets of your story. How did your star get into the movies? Some started out very young in the family business, others got in by pure accident, most by selection panels.
  3. Your Vote: This is the part where you share your feelings and opinions about this screen gem that you admire the most.

Everyone has a favorite movie star, others need to rank them to decide.  Whatever method you use to get there, we want to know who is that hero that fills your screen.

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