Top 10 Soccer Players Who Died During the Game

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Sports is by far the most enjoyable job there is. You keep fit, eat well, and enjoy your moments of glory while playing your favorite game. Nonetheless, this job has witnessed some of the most unfortunate farewells occurring during matches or training.

Like everyone else, you adore your favorite athletes and stay with them as they shine on the field. Each game is unique, each victory, each loss, but you stay the line. Yet sometimes,  the games carry bad news and even the end of the line for some players.

Tragic deaths are not worth celebrating, but we do this to honor their memory, after all, they played their last sweat making us happy.

#10: Ambrose Wleh – Fainted to Death

Ambrose Wleh, the Librarian striker, made it to the list of the top ten richest African players by the age of 24. On May 2, 2010, while playing for Invincible Eleven, during a pre-season game against Mighty Barrolle, he wrestled one last time with his heart.

Reports shared that Wleh came on as a substitute during the second half of the game. He made a successful rush with the ball, leaving all his opponents far behind.  During an all-star moment, he suddenly collapsed in the center circle. Attempts to revive him proved futile and he died upon arrival at the Monrovia Hospital, Liberia.

#9: Ahmed Amin – Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Goalkeeping is a full-time job, and even in training it can be taxing. It proved so for the Al Rebat player. Ahmed Amin, an Egyptian third-division goalkeeper, went to his locker room at the end of the training session.

Reports are that he suddenly collapsed. The medics were quick to provide assistance but to no avail. They decided to rush him to the nearby hospital. However, he was declared dead on arrival.

Although the official reports fail to confirm a reason for his death, it is widely believed that a sudden cardiac arrest may be the reason. The date of his passing was December 22, 2021.

#8: Alexander Shishmarev – Collision with Opponent

You have seen how the TV heroes crash head-on with objects and just walk away. Not so for the Russian goalkeeper, Alexander Shishmarev.

On August 28, 2021, the 28-year-old soccer star collided with an opponent during a training match. Despite the energetic attempts by both medical teams, they were unable to make leeway.

After about an hour, Shishmarev passed away. He was playing for his team Krasnaya Zvezda in Kaliningrad.

#7: Alexandru Latan – Hit by a Ball

In Soccer kung fu, the ball has so much force that it could eliminate a player. The Romanian goalkeeper, Alexandru Latan, had such an encounter on September 2, 2009.

Stories have it that the 29-year-old was training with the Dun?rea Giurgiu. It was his debut practice session and he was at his best. As he tried to save a penalty shot, he was hit in his stomach by the ball. He continued his training for a while longer, but later he collapsed and died.

#6: Guy Tchingoma – No Medic on Call

Born in the Congo on January 3, 1986, Guy Tchingoma was nationalized by Gabon to represent them in the African Continental League. During his offseason, he played for FC 105 Libreville.

During one such game on February 9, 2008, the 22-year-old midfielder, collided with an opponent player from the Union Sportive O’Mbila soccer team. Since there were no medics on call, he was encouraged to finish the game.
He later collapsed and died.

#5: Aseged Tesfaye – Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Many retired players, Michael Jordan, Renaldo, etc., like to share their experiences and tease the audience and fans, every now and then. For Aseged Tesfaye, his last tease was the end of the rope.

Aseged Tesfaye was born in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, in 1971, and played for many football clubs, as well as the Ethiopian National Team. His career was exciting and successful, and he became a local legend for young players.

On June 3, 2017, after a pickup game with Ethiopian Coffee, the Ethiopian striker was found unconscious in his locker room. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

The hospital revealed that his death was caused by a rare type of heart failure called Mitral Valve Regurgitation.

#4: Cristiano Sebastian de Lima Júnior – Collapsed and Died

Being the highest-paid footballer in India, Cristiano Júnior, signed with the Dempo Sports Club in 2004. The Brazilian became one of the leading goal scorers in the Indian AFC league.

On December 5, 2004, Júnior scored two goals in the match against Mohun Bagan. During his second goal attempt, he collided with the opponent goalkeeper, Subrata Paul.

He managed to stagger away, only to collapse to the ground. Medics from both teams tried to revive him but to no avail. He died upon arrival at the Hosmat Hospital in India.

#3: Marvin Lee – Spinal Injuries

There is a multi-purpose stadium in Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago. It is called the Marvin Lee Stadium. The stadium was built in honor of former junior team captain, Marvin Lee.

Lee, 21, died of a neck and spinal injury that he suffered during a game against the US. He collided with US player Landon Donovan, collapsing and sustaining injuries during the 2001 CONCACAF U-20 Tournament. He died at home 2 days later.

#2 Giovanni Córdoba and Hernán Gaviria – Struck By Lightning

A team can mourn but it is unusual to lose two players at the same time. On October 27, 2002, Deportiva Cali lost two of its best players to Mother Nature.

Giovanni Córdoba Renteri was a Colombian striker and Herman Gaviria was a midfielder. During a training session, they were both hit by a single bolt of lightning. Gavaria died instantly but Cordoba died three days later.

#1: Peter Biaksangzuala – Spinal Injuries

Every player celebrates his goal, so it was nothing unusual that Peter Biaksangzuala decided to celebrate his goal against Chanmari West.

During the celebrating leap, he lost his balance and fell awkwardly, suffering severe spinal injuries in the process. The 23-year-old scored a goal in the 61st minute of the game and tried celebrating it with a summersault. He died days later in the hospital

Soccer is a great sport and athletic job, sadly though we have bid goodbye to many players during the game.




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