Who Created the Flags of Central America?

flags of Central America
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Central America was once united under a single flag. During the years of the Spanish Empire, 1823 to 1841, a trilinear flag of white and blue was created by Colonel Arce. The flag was given to an El Salvadoran army as they battled Mexico. on 20 February 1822.

The region that unites North and South America is made up of seven countries:

  • Panama:  The country’s flag is divided into four rectangles of red,  two white spots, and blue colors.  Each white rectangle has a colored star- the first one has a blue star, and the second ports a red one. The flag was designed by Maria De La Ossa De Amador in 1903.
  • Costa Rica: After changing many flags, the country boasts one with five horizontal bands of blue, white, and red, with the country’s coat of arms sitting in a white disc on the red band. The flag was designed by Pacífica Fernández and adopted in 1906.
  • Nicaragua: The Nicaraguan national flag consists of three horizontal blue and white stripes with the country’s coat of arms in the middle. The flag was adopted after over five decades of its existence. It is believed that the flag was designed by  Juan Pablo Duarte, a Nicaraguan politician and military commander.

The Triband Flags of Central America

The flags of Central America

  • Guatemala: Similar to four Central American flags, the flag of Guatemala consists of three blue and white vertical stripes. The Guatemala flag was created in 1871 by then President Miguel Garcia Granados and fellow attorney, Juan José de la Riva.
  • Honduras: This is the third country that shares the triband white and blue. The Honduran flag is divided into three equal horizontal stripes of white and blue. Like Guatemala, the ruling president created the country’s flag.  Jose Maria Medina established the Honduran flag on February 16, 1866,
  • Belize: This is the most unique of all the Central American flags. Laced with three stripes, two thin red stripes at the top and bottom, and one big blue stripe in the middle, the flag includes variables ranging from leaves to political parties. The was designed in a national competition by winners Everal Waight and Inez Sanchez. It was adopted in 1986
  • El Salvador: The last of the triband flags,  the country employs the white and blue in three equal bands. It was the first of the designs dating back to 1823 when Colonel Manuel José Arce created the flag. The flag has been emulated by at least three other Central American nations.

Although Central America is now divided into unique nations, their people tell similar stories with the colors of their flags.



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