Alkonost – Legendary Bird with a Woman’s Face

Alkonost - legendary bird
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In Russian Slavic folklore exists a legendary bird that has become central to modern reality, The Alkonost is a beautiful bird endowed with a woman’s head that sings charming notes to lure its guests. The creature has endless powers to transform fruits and trees.

According to campfire tales, the creature is similar to the Greek demigoddess popularly known as Alcyone.  The Greek tales count the tragic ending of this goddess who was transformed into a kingfisher after a battle with the gods. Some stories differ with the ending including one in which Alcyone escaped and was never seen again.

The World of Alkonost – The Slavac Legendary Bird

Alkonost - legendary bird

In Slavic folklore, Alkonost lives in the underworld with her partner and counterpart, the Sirin. The two birds differ in their performance and character. While the Sirin is a bearer of sadness and remorse, Alkonost is the source of joy and fertility. Each takes turns sharing their essence with nature.

Although little is documented on how exactly the Sirin emits its characteristics to others, its partner has several ways to instill her powers in her surroundings. One story highlights her reproductive process in which she lays her eggs on a beach and hides them in the sand. When the eggs hatch, they create a thunderstorm making the sea turbulent and impossible to navigate.

However, during the Apple Feast of the Saviour day, both magical creatures set out on a vibrant display of their characters and powers. Sirin starts with an early morning visit to the apple orchard where it mourns and cries until noon.  The tales do not say how this affects the other creatures, maybe making them sad.

As the afternoon approaches, Alkonost enters the orchard and perches on an apple tree. She begins her sweet songs of joy emiting her happiness to other creatures who all forget everything of the past and never seek them again. Her rejoicing is followed by laughter as she gets ready to bestow her blessings.

Suddenly, the laughing stops and Alkonost spreads her wings shaking the dew from them. As the magic substance falls it grants healing power to all fruits on the tree where she is perched.

Alkonost is commonly used by artists such as

  • The Russian band,
  • A rare minion in the Mythgard Dreni faction,
  • The RO-86 Alkonost in Gran Thefy Auto 5



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