The Rolling Calf – Jamaican Myths and Legends

rolling calf
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Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, but at night it is believed that there are evil spirits that roam the land. One of these phantoms is a huge animal that resembles a bull empowered with wrath and desire to devour passersby. Most of the local legends make it clear that no one wants to cross the path of these creatures.

According to most legends, the rolling calf is a type of ghost that was punished for living a deceitful and evil life. The human must roam the land in this form without being able to rest. It would seem that most Jamaican butchers are unscrupulous as the tales claim that the rolling calf usually comes from this industry.

Inside the Rolling Calf Myth

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A rolling calf is a ferocious beast donned with a huge chain, padlocks, horns of steel, and a body that could only come from out of hell. The beast has magical powers allowing it to blast fire from its eyes and burn anything in its path to shivering ash. Some stories even tell of the animal breathing hot smoke from its nostrils.

However, the most terrifying thing about the rolling calf is its size. According to legends, the animal can easily sense the fear of its victims. This makes the spirit grow larger and the more fearful a person becomes, the bigger the rolling calf. This can be more than scary, as the beast begins to chase the helpless, fleeing soul.

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Interestingly, these spirits are not invincible. Hunters have stalked the creature all over the country. Some say that they live in isolated places where there are caves of cotton bamboo. The animals draw their strength from the cotton buds feeding on them while the dew is still fresh.

The hunters try to trap these beasts while they feed or are asleep in their caves. Sometimes, the rolling calf attacks them but they defend themselves by throwing items on the ground which the spirit is obliged to pick up. Another way is sticking a pen or a wooden spike into the road which will cause the animal to retreat.

If you are ever in Jamaica and decide to stroll beneath the moon, try not to cross the path of a rolling calf.



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