How Long Do Dogs Live?

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Dogs play a vital role in most families often becoming the center of affection and care. Sometimes these furry creatures can become so attached to us that one desires them to be around forever. Yet, how long do dogs live and what should one expect from these pets?

According to Pet MD, most canines may remain a part of our lives for up to 13 years. That’s at least a decade or a teenage child! A lot of time for tossing frisbees, fetching tidbits, or just walking through the park.

Most dogs join the family as pets where a child becomes the friend and cares for it. Other canines are groomed for shows, crime-fighting, guides, protectors, or specially trained assistance. Blind people, for instance, are sometimes accompanied by dogs, especially during strolls or walking exercises.

Dog Breeds and Their Lifespans

How Long Do dogs live

However, some dogs tend to live longer extending the family fun up to twenty years. Imagine how happy you’ll be cleaning fur off the carpet for two decades! Yes, dog breeds such as Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and Dachshounds, may still be there when your kids leave for college.

Notably, these are only stats that are collected over the years but the reality may be different. Records have shown that man’s best friends may live even longer! One such example is a Rafero do Alentejo called Bob who lived for 31 long years.

That’s almost three times the average dog’s life. Here are a few things that you can do to help your pet live longer.

  • Feed a High-Quality Diet
  • Exercise with it to avoid obesity
  • Give it all vaccinations and keep a regular checkup with a vet

In addition, there is the Australian Cattle Dogs, a breed of dogs that share a lifespan between 25 – 29 years, and is the only one known to date. One special cattle dog called Bluey even made the Guinness Book of World Records in 1959 as the longest-living dog.

Dogs will always be a part of the family action. Whether it’s hunting, snow sledding, or just a good old couch-sitting session, having a man’s best friend tagging along will make life better.




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