What Do the Colors in the British Flag Represent?

The British flag
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Known as the Union Jack, the British flag is a combination of the flags of the three nations united in Great Britain. The colors represent England, Ireland, and Scotland. Even though many believe that the colors imply traditional purity, valor, and loyalty, the flag is a combination of crosses that dates back to the time of King James.

The History of The Flag of The United Kingdom

The British Flag

The British flag was created in 1606 and was first used by James 1 (1603–25). At the time, the Union Jack only portrayed the red cross of England imposed above the white cross of Scotland. The white borders were used in adherence to heraldry laws that did not permit red and blue to coexist.

In 1801 the legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland added the cross of Sf. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. All three crosses represent its patron saint. St. Andrew from Scotland and St. George from England.

The Colors of the British Flag

The British flag consists of three colors namely red, white, and blue.  No otherworld flag has managed to boast such a unique elaboration of its essence. There are three crosses with distinct colors representing three unique nations united in Great Britain.

The Red Cross of St. Patrick: One of the challenges of the British flag was to incorporate the red diagonal flag of Ireland with breaking laws of heraldry or diminishing the representation of either the white diagonal cross of Scotland or the red cross of England.

The designers meshed the white Cross of St. Andrew by dividing it diagonally, with the red showcasing below the white on the hoist half of the flag and above it on the fly half.  In like manner, they were successful in preserving the heraldry standards.

To prevent the red cross from making contact with the blue background, a narrow border of white was incorporated into the red cross. Further in the middle or center of the flag, a similar white border kept the crosses apart.

Sometimes it is a wonder how the founding fathers managed to put so much in a single flag. For the United Kingdom, it goes way beyond the traditional color scheme.




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